Health and Wellbeing


In partnership with the College of Science and the College of Public Health and Human Sciences!!

The community

The Health & Well-Being Living-Learning Community, located in McNary Hall, is a space for students to connect with other students who are excited about Health and Science, especially the intersection of these fields and particularly with the perspective of improving our communities across Oregon and beyond.

In line with the mission of Oregon State University as a leading land-grant university, and with the goals and values of both the College of Sciences and the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, students in this living-learning community will be engaged in critical dialogue around the most pressing social problems we face today to ensure lifelong health and well-being for all.

Through regular curricular and co-curricular opportunities for teaching, research, application, and community outreach, students in this community will be empowered to advance knowledge, policies and best practices that improve their own wellbeing while also advancing lifelong health and well-being for every person, every family, and every community - in Oregon, across our nation, and amongst our world at large.

  • Located in McNary Hall on the east side of campus, adjacent to McNary Dining Center
  • Pilot Year in 2014-15
  • Five floors, 300 students, all-female wing on 3rd floor, substance-free community option on the 6th floor
  • Open to all first year students who have an interest in Health, Science, or Wellness. 
  • Students who plan to declare a major with the College of Sciences or the College of Public Health and Human Sciences are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to live here.
  • Classroom space on first floor

Future health professionals

This community would be an ideal location for anyone who is considering a career in the professional health field. Students intending to major in Pre-Medical School, Pre-Dental School, Pre-Pharmacy School, etc. will benefit from connecting with other students with similar goals and values as well as from regularly offered program opportunities designed to prepare students for success in a professional health discipline.

Academic support services 

In addition to programs designed to prepare students for graduate study in a professional health discipline, there will be regular and ongoing opportunities to connect with faculty within the College of Sciences and the College of Public Health and Human Sciences through a variety of social programming including but not limited to dinners, guest lectures, Ted Talks, and service projects. Members of this community will also benefit from drop-in advisor hours during registration periods, weekly Math and Writing tutoring support, and weekly Chemistry study tables.

Learning outcomes  

  • Develop a sense of community and belonging to OSU and the Health and Well-Being LLC  
  • Develop personal definitions of health and wellness that integrate mind, body, and spirit.  
  • Identify values, interests, and strengths through self-exploration and dialogue with faculty and staff  
  • Understand the foundational importance of science in public health and allied health professions  
  • Develop an academic pathway through the exploration of interests by engaging in curricular and co-curricular activities.  

Examples of Programs 

  • Friday faculty lunches
  • Marys Peak hike
  • Leadership in Well-Being programs
  • BeWell 5K
  • Healthy Eating in the Kitchen Series
  • Moonlight Bite 
  • Service Projects (such as Linn-Benton Food Share volunteering)