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The Eco2Go is a UHDS program that provides residents and our customers with reusable take-out containers. The goal of this program is to prevent plastic and other types of food container waste from reaching the landfill.

How It Works


  1. Order your food to-go from a UHDS restaurant
  2. Eat and enjoy
  3. Empty out your container 
  4. Return your container


Return Locations

Eco 2 Go return map

After emptying out your container, give it a quick rinse, return it to one of these locations:

  • In the dish return at any UHDS dining center. This includes McNary, Marketplace West and Southside Station.
  • In the return bin located on each floor of every UHDS residence hall.
  • At one of nine outdoor locations on campus, including outside Austin Hall, Animal Life Sciences Building (ALS), Dixon Recreation Center, Covell Hall, Kerr Administration Building, Memorial Union (26th and Jefferson), Milam Audiotrium, Peavy Hall and Valley Library.

More Info:

Chris Anderson