Room and Dining Contracts

Top 10 things to know about your contract

This document provides a general overview of common provisions in the UHDS Room and Dining Contract. Please refer to the actual Contract for specific details and provisions.

What is the housing contract?

The contract is a document that tells you what the rules and expectations are for a resident living with us.  When you sign the contract you agree to the rules and guidelines.  It is legally binding for the duration of the contract.

How long is the contract?

The contract is for the entire academic year, September – June.  There is not a single term contract option.

What if I am leaving OSU in the middle of the year?

Students who withdraw from the university, transfer to another institution, graduate, or are no longer registered for classes are released from their Contract and are not subject to a cancellation fee.

If I want to move to a different room do I need to sign another contract?

No, the contract is not for a specific hall and room, but rather for a space within the UHDS system.  By signing the contract you secure a space to live during the academic year.

Dining Plan Policy:

If you are living in the residence halls you are required to have a meal plan.  Your balance will carry over from term to term, but must be used by the end of Spring Term. Any remaining balence left at the end of Spring Term, or the end of your contract period, is not refunded. You may change the level of your dining plan online at If you move out during the academic year, any unused dining dollars will be credited back. Your plan will no longer be active if you cancel your contract, but your Orange Rewards will remain active.

How do I cancel my contract after I have moved in?

This contract can only be cancelled in writing by the contract holder.  This process begins by contacting your Resident Director, and is not completed until you turn in your keys at your Service Center. 

What is the cancellation fee?

UHDS offers a full-year contract, beginning in September and ending in June. Students who arrive during the academic year are  offered a contract for the remainder of the year. Cancellation of your room reservation after the cancellation date will require full payment of room and board, excluding unused Dining Dollars.

After canceling what will I be charged for?

You will be charged for the days you were in the residence halls or cooperative (which was initially charged at the beginning of the term), the money you used on your meal plan, and then also the cancellation fee for the amount of time remaining on your contract.

What else can I be charged for?

You may be charged an “Improper Checkout Fee” if you do not complete the checkout process.  You will be charged if you do not turn in your keys when you move out, and you will be charged for any damage to the room beyond fair wear and tear.  It is important to update your room condition report the day that you move in to include any existing damages not already listed.

I have been charged for something I don’t agree with, what can I do?

If you are charged for a cancellation fee, improper check out or anything you don’t agree with, you can submit an appeal to the UHDS appeals committee via