Information to Include in Your Registration Materials

To help you with the planning (and OSU staff with guest preparations), we recommend that you include the following information in your conference registration materials:

  • Wheelchair accessible lodging
  • Electrical power source for recharging batteries-specify voltage:
  • Cooling unit for medication or medical supplies requiring refrigeration
  • Assistive devices-specify types:
  • Special meals due to food allergies or digestive disorders
  • Sign language interpreter
  • FM amplification system-specify type:
  • Audio-taped materials
  • Sighted guides for assistance to and from specific sessions
  • Transportation to and from specific sessions
  • Large print
  • Braille
  • Please describe the extent of your medical or mobility needs

Please inform us of any accommodations pertaining to your medical or mobility situation that you need for your conference stay. For full consideration, please call your conference sponsor at least one month prior to your conference with your requests.